The Porsche Design Racing Challenge 2017

Every tenth of a second counts: Guess the fastest lap time of the new Porsche 911 RSR at the 6h of Spa-Francorchamps or Lone Star le Main - Circuit of The Americas and win one of four exclusive Porsche Design Limited Edition Timepieces. At the season finale, the closest guess will also win an unforgettable VIP trip to the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2018.

There’s no time to lose: Enter now and guess the best lap time!


Inspired by Motorsports

The strategic collaboration with Porsche motorsports is a key standalone benefit for the creation of Porsche Design timepieces. Thanks to this cooperation, the latest knowledge and technology from the world of racing can be incorporated into the development of Porsche Design Timepieces. This results in the creation of constantly new benchmarks for functionality,  material selection and workmanship. Because Porsche and Porsche Design are linked by far more than just their heritage. It is their search for continuous improvement and the internal drive to be number one – in both motorsports and the development of first-class timepieces.


It is the passion for record performance which leads Porsche, as well as Porsche Design, to achieve ever higher levels of excellence. It creates the conditions which, over the last 40 years, have turned Porsche Design into one of the engines of innovation in the mechanical high-end timepiece segment, and which have resulted in Porsche Design timepieces repeatedly redefining entire industry standards.




The 6h of Silverstone.

In keeping with tradition, the opening race of the FIA WEC 2017 will take place at the Silverstone Circuit – the fast, historic racetrack in the Midlands (UK). The Porsche GT works team first achieved a spectacular double victory at Silverstone in 2014, with the 911 RSR. Wide, sweeping curves, lots of medium-length straights and the unsettled British weather make this circuit exceptionally challenging. The new Porsche 911 RSR will again compete in the LM GTE class this year. Revised and refined – as the most powerful 911 of all time and the spearhead of the family.

In collaboration with Porsche Motorsport, Porsche Design has developed the Monobloc Actuator, with its unique rocker switch that is completely integrated into the titanium casing. The rocker switch uses a technical principle derived from the high-rev, rocker arm-actuated valve in the race car engine of the new 911 RSR.

The MONOBLOC ACTUATOR 24H-Chronotimer Limited Edition is a very special acknowledgement of this collaboration and of the revolutionary Porsche 911 RSR. The chronograph's matt black carbon dial is inspired by the body of the Porsche 911 RSR. The red minute scale and white hour hands are inspired by the characteristic colours of Porsche Motorsport.  

The exclusive motorsport edition is limited to 251 pieces – a reference to the 251 cm wheelbase of the new 911 RSR, which achieves a considerable improvement in weight distribution over the axles and differentiates the vehicle concept from all other 911 race cars. Four of the 251 rare chronographs will go to the lap-time winners of the Porsche Design Racing Challenge 2017.


Titanium Chronograph. Next Level.

The Porsche Design Timepieces AG utilized technology transfer from the world of motorsport to develop the technology of the new MONOBLOC ACTUATOR Titanium Chronograph from Porsche Design.

Inspired by the functionality of the high RPM mechanical valve control of the new Porsche 911 RSR, the engineers at Porsche Design Timepieces AG invented an integrated rocker switch, which controls the chronograph’s operation entirely from inside the watch’s case. This paradigmatic example of performance at the highest level exemplifies precision engineering in the smallest possible space.

What  qualities  do  motorsport  and  time measurement share in common: Precision, functionality, and performance in every second. Like a racecar, a wris twatch is a typical product of the 20th century, which has repeatedly spurred engineers and technicians to achieve progressively greater feats.

Available from May 2017.




Time measurement and motorsport are inherently linked, like a balance wheel and an escapement. As a reliable instrument for measuring time, a chronograph can accurately tally and document outstanding achievements and best times, precise to mere fractions of a second. As such, the chronograph has come to symbolize the athletic spirit of competitive sports and has inarguably become the most popular  complication among watch aficionados.

The MONOBLOC ACTUATOR GMT-Chronotimer model versions offer the ideal companions at 24-hour races, or simply jetting across multiple time zones. 

Each Version comes in a 45.5 millimetre titanium case, the staple material for the brand since its innovation in 1980. The watches, available with a matte black or a deep blue sunburst dial, come on a rubber strap, or an all-titanium bracelet, which utilizes a folding clasp with integrated fine adjustment mechanism to ensure a perfect fit. 

The MONOBLOC ACTUATOR 24H-Chronotimer features an innovative black titanium carbide coating over its titanium case, a matte black dial, and a checkered flag design function indicator at “9 o’clock” especially useful due to its optimal readability. This model is exclusively available on a rubber strap with deployment buckle.

Available from May 2017.



Porsche Design is a brand whose name conveys both its origins and its philosophy. Since 1972 – the year in which the company was founded – designers at Porsche Design have drawn their inspiration from the Porsche performance in motorsports. And this is exactly the approach adopted by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the company’s founder and creator of the legendary Porsche 911. To this day, the brand philosophy is characterized by his instinct for combining design expertise and engineering excellence, and for the intelligent transfer of technology from motorsports. 

The company is characterized by it's restless drive for improvement, always being one step ahead and stretching the limits of technical development. The desire to innovate is evident in all products created by Porsche Design, but it is perhaps most obvious in the timepieces. Porsche Design Timepieces are not just first-class pieces of technology. They are high-precision tools and the embodiment of innovation. They represent the perfect harmony of design and function combined with the art of Swiss watchmaking. 


1972: Black

In the late 1960s, cockpits of race cars began to be fitted with matte black instruments and withe displays in order to prevent distracting reflections. Prof. F. A. Porsche impremented this idea and designed the world's first matte black watch.

The Chronograph I was a revolution.

1980: Titanium

In 1980, Porsche Design introduced the first chronograph made entirely of titanium. Another success story based on transferring technology from the racetrack to the wrist of the watch connoisseur.

2017: Next Level

Inspired by the high-performance engine design of the new Porsche 911 RSR, Porsche Design has revolutionized the traditional timekeeping functionality and developed a totally new type of chronograph. By questioning the status quo, Porsche Design shapes the future of timepieces by developing a revolutionary operating concept, which is to set benchmarks in the world of timepieces.

1919 Collection

Minimalistic clarity perfected in a collection of exclusive timepieces: this is what distinguishes the 1919 Collection.  The characteristic apertures at the strap attachment and the interlocking transition to the strap lend the puristic aesthetic of the collection a certain lightness. The stripped-back design of the dial focuses attention on the essentials.

The elegant design is available in two models: the 1919 Datetimer with date window and the 1919 Chronograph.  The 1919 Globetimer models have an additional hand showing the time in a second time zone on a 24-hour scale. An intelligent design that excels all over the world.

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Chronotimer Collection

Inspired by the low-reflection cockpits in racing cars, Prof. F. A. Porsche created the Chronograph I, a masterpiece still regarded as a design classic today. The Chronotimer Collection is inspired by the legendary first watch by Porsche Design and pays tribute to the brand’s origins in motorsports.

The pieces of the Chronograph Collection are simple and timeless precision sports instruments. The maximum contrast  of the dial’s design guarantees optimum legibility. Scratch-proof sapphire crystal and the titanium casing make the watches enduring and resilient companions en route to new record times.

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